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Sexual Abuse in Marriage

March 6, 2012

I’m working on an eBook about sexual abuse in marriage.  A lot has been written about sexual assault, recovery, and childhood sexual abuse, and much of this has been helpful to those who have suffered these things.  I haven’t found much about sexual abuse within marriage though.  Personally, I experienced it and want to open up this topic so other wives can share their pain and find support.

I’m thinking that many women don’t dare share the dark secrets that happen in the bedroom for fear of their partner’s reaction.  Fear is a big word in this case-fear of what others will think, fear that I’m just imagining things, fear that it will “blow up” in my face and things will be worse than ever.  There’s also the fear of the unknown…if I face this squarely, what will happen? Will my marriage end? Will I be alone?  Will I be pennyless and destitute?  Will my family and friends believe me or will they shun me?

I finally had the courage to stop the madness, about 4 years ago.  I have to say that a few close friends were there for me, and I don’t know if I could have done it without their support.  Thank you friends! (You know who you are)!

More to come on this topic.

  1. You are a brave woman, Debbie. I really look forward to reading your book. I myself have been preparing a book base on a true story with its solution, the topic is domestic violence. God bless your writing. Love from eva.

    • Thank you Eva! I think your book will also meet a need out there where many women are suffering. Let’s keep in touch!

      • Thank you, Debbie. I’ve been wondering if you have ever read “Changes That Heal” by Henry Cloud, Zondervan, available in Kindle too. I encourage you to read this book, a very helpful one, I pray the Lord bless you more to bless others more. The Lord is with you always. Yes, I will 🙂 eva

  2. debbiepinkston permalink

    Hi Eva, yes I have read that book and it’s a keeper! I also recommend it to many of my counseling clients. There is some great material out there, but in my search on Amazon it found very little related to sexual abuse within marriage (and a Christian marriage at that!). This is what has prompted me to write this book. The manuscript is ready, just figuring out how to convert to Mobi so I can submit it to Kindle. Also working on the cover.
    God bless you!

  3. D.Anne Pierce permalink

    Debbie, I too have dealt with sexual abuse in marriage for many years. I hope to be able to publish a book about my experiences in the near future. Best wishes to you.

  4. Kelvin Niblett permalink

    Debbie, I am currently writing a paper on the ethics of marital seperation. One of the causal factors is sexual abuse in marital relationships. Have you come accross any statistics on the prevelance of sexual abuse within a marriage?
    if so my email is khniblett [at]

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